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Guess the Superheroes is an interesting super hero game for all the super hero fans out there who love to spend time playing with their favourite superheroes. Guess the Superheroes contains your all time favourite superheroes including the Dashing Iron Man, the Brave Captain America, the Mighty Hulk, the Lightening Thor, the Talented Black Widow and the Stylish Hawkeye.

This superhero game consists of three chapters:

Guess the Superheroes

In this chapter, 10 shadows of your favourite Superheroes will be displayed to you one after the other. Your task will be to determine which superhero it is. In case you guess is correct you shall be awarded with some good score and in case your answer is wrong a little of your score shall be deducted from your total score. Next superhero won't show up until you guess the current one rite.
*Tip* - Try to remember the sequence of the superheroes in which they are being displayed to you because this will help you as the game will proceed to the next chapter.

Remember the Superheroes

In this chapter, the superheroes you have guessed in the first chapter shall be shown to you in that very order. Your task would be to memorize their sequence as much as you can. Your actual task begins after all the superheroes have been displayed. You will have to select them in the very same order as they were displayed to you. The sharper is your mind in recalling their sequence, the greater you score.

Match the Superheroes

In this chapter, your will be displayed with 12 avengers cards. Tapping on them would reveal the front face of the card. Match the cards and gain score. On four taps you must have to match at least a single pair of cards else you would loose score.

The score from all these chapters will sum up to become your final score. The better you perform in all the the three chapters of the game the higher you score. We wish you a very best of luck. Have fun.

Lets play Guess the Superheroes and find out how much of a superhero nerd you are.

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Guess the SuperheroesGuess the SuperheroesGuess the SuperheroesGuess the Superheroes

Only for android 2.2,3.0 and higher  Download  

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