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전국민알까기 for Kakao

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 killtime    Korean  
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Fang and Dragon fuck ☆ ☆ ★ ★ report
☆ avoid even had a ride like the wind beating ... ★ ☆ ★
☆ ★ ☆ Now it is hatched!! ☆ ★ ☆
Lightning has a classic shooting game alkkagi the nation
2013 years ago the people rested on appeal alkkagi embarrassment alkkagi the nation!

Cacao game off game items to commemorate the launch of the event!
In the event an item and enjoy discount prices!

♬ the nation alkkagi launch event! (99.999% pure gold 'Books)

One! Invite a friend and receive gold!
        Period, 30 people invited to the event, and a friend through a lottery
        1, including: Golden 20 Money 1 person
        2, including: Golden 10 Don 2 people
        3, such as: golden 5 to 4 people will be money.

Two! 100 W and the golden one week receive the money!
      Events week period to achieve 100 wins by a lottery every one of the 10 groups of players
      Four weeks to a total of 40 people with money will be a total of 40 gold 1 donssik.

※ For the event period from May 9, 2013 to June 6, 2013 is in progress.
  The results invite a friend event winner Friday, June 7, 2013 This bulletin is
  100 wins week May 17 event results first winner will be announced on Friday.
  Event entries will be registered automatically.
  The winner in the game will be released through the event page and website.
  Caught in an unusual way during game play can be sanctioned in accordance with the operating policies.

※ 5 different types of items alkkagi
Al heavy (H): When you receive the eggs can not be locked out attacks.
Thai Al (T): When you receive an attack bounced off the other two are known.
Power Al (P): Attack power increased by 120% to attack.
Al mine (M): When you receive an attack from the other two is known.
Bomb Al (B): When attacking from the other two is known.

※ 4 strategic gaming operations of different types of herpes
 ◆ ㅡ, M, W, U-shaped shingles different

※ 5 adds interest to the two different stages alkkagi the nation.
 ◆ Basic Stage: Stage is not any obstacle.
 ◆ Thai stage: the Thai obstacles that can attack the egg stage is more ssege.
 ◆ bomb Stage: Stage of avoiding the bombs that lie is enjoying the stage.
 ◆ Drain Stage: Bar fend beat their opponents into the sewers is a Stage.
 ◆ cushion Stage: 4 corner cushions on both sides and the more fun you can enjoy the alkkagi.

Chingugwa that was on the board now forget the classic alkkagi.
Real-time online war coriander alkkagi the world and the hustle and alkkagi happens.
In reality that was not possible with a variety of items to enjoy a dynamic in attack and defense
Not even a moment to relax alkkagi noteulsu came!
2013 alkkagi the whole nation should accept your phone!
AU comfortably without having to cover with one hand alkkagi enjoy all the people.

Billing errors and Refund Contact: game set in the menu "Customer Center" Please select.

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전국민알까기 for Kakao

전국민알까기 for Kakao

전국민알까기 for Kakao

전국민알까기 for Kakao

전국민알까기 for Kakao

전국민알까기 for Kakao

전국민알까기 for Kakao

Only for android 2.1 and higher  Download  

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