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Easy hack forces NoDo update


For those of you who received the February pre-NoDo update but are still waiting for the big important March one to hit, there looks to be an easy way to make it happen now, without using the “VPN” trick discovered earlier. In essence, the earlier VPN trick forced your computer …

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Understanding Windows Live terminology


  Windows Live will be a major component for Windows Phone 7 and if you’re not familiar with Live, some of the terminology can be a little confusing. You have Windows Live, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, Live mail, Hotmail calendar and contacts as well as Live calendar and contacts.  Here’s …

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Enable ‘Be Polite’ on HTC Sense 2.1 ROMs


In the later “Leo” builds of HTC Sense (version 2.5) found on the HTC HD2, there are some neat advanced ringer functionality available under the Settings tab. One of those is called “Be Polite” and in essence uses the built in accelerometer to detect when you are moving the phone to answer …

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How to: Move the cache in Opera Mobile 9.5


Probably the top drawback of running the Opera Mobile 9.5 beta on an older device (Shhhhhh – don’t let my trusty Treo 750 hear me say that) is that it’s a pretty big resource hog. As we’ve previously mentioned, you can store the browser’s cache files on a storage card …

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