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Google Drive is an Android themer's best friend


The best tool in a themer’s app drawer isn’t a launcher or a widget. It’s the cloud. When developing a theme, you tend to gather a lot of elements. Wallpapers, widget configurations, sounds, custom icons, launcher layouts… they all add up. You need a place where you can keep things …

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How to set up a Project Fi data-only SIM with your tablet


Bring the great Project Fi experience to your connected tablet, too. After several months as a phone-only service, Project Fi recently introduced a new “data-only SIM” option to let you share your existing Fi account and data usage with your LTE-enabled tablet. This is pretty standard stuff if you’re comparing …

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How to check data usage with Google OnHub


Sometimes you need to know how much data you’re using on your home network, or how much a single device is using out of the total. With Google’s OnHub routers, it’s easy. Like most everything else about the OnHub “ecosystem” (yeah, I’m tired of that word, too) you do this …

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How to set a Priority Device in Google OnHub


Most modern routers and other home networking equipment allow you to set a specific connected device to have a higher priority than other devices on the network. This means that bandwidth is reserved for this particular device, and it won’t have to wait in line while other requests are being …

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Pixel C keyboard shortcuts


Google’s Pixel C tablet has a couple really good keyboard options available for it. They’re surprisingly spacious for a mobile typing mechanism, and the keys have a pretty good feel to them. But one way Google got the keyboards to be as good as they are was to do without …

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Using manual video controls on the LG V10


You’ll find that everyone has an opinion when we talk about which Android phone is the best. That’s a good thing, because it means we have plenty of choices to consider when we’re spending that money we work so hard to make. One thing that most people can agree with, …

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